Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Modeling the Agile Data Warehouse with Data Vault is a book authored by Hans Hultgren.  This is a complete book on data vault modeling as well as an important book in field of data warehousing and business intelligence.  Agility in a data warehouse business intelligence DWBI program requires agile thinking, agile methods, agile development and agile modeling approaches.  This book takes these broader factors into account,Introduced in this book are the concepts of Unified Decomposition and Ensemble Modeling

Who should read this book? 

Generally anyone working with - or seeking to build - an enterprise data warehouse (EDW).  Because understanding the data warehouse program in your organization is key to understanding the modeling paradigm deployed to design them.  In the same way, to understand the underlying concepts and requirements behind data vault modeling is to understand the dynamics and the nuances of the modern data warehouse. 

Specifically this list includes data warehouse modelers, architects, designers, business analysts, etl developers, and DW program managers.  And of course anyone else looking to work with data vault modeling.

Where can I buy this book?

Amazon.  On all Amazon websites internationally.  This includes:

Kindle.  The Kindle eBook version works great on your mobile phone, iPad, tablet, Kindle reader, laptop or PC. (now any device can read Kindle with the free Kindle app)

You may also purchase the book directly at certain data warehouse conferences, seminars and other events.  For quantity purchases, please contact Genesee Academy.

What about Training?

Certified Data Vault Data Modeler courses are offered around the world through GeneseeAcademy.com

Online, on-demand training courses using studio filmed video lessons are available on DataVaultAcademy.com

More information on the Author?

Hans Hultgren runs the Hans Blog on wordpress:  HansHultgren.wordpress.com

You can find Hans on LinkedIn at:  linkedin.com/in/HansHultgren
Follow Hans on Twitter at:  gohansgo